Jun 15, 2014


I plan to do a more up beat post on this topic in the future, but right now.. I'm going with my mood. 

I'm a little disappointed with my wobbly bits. Brownie bites make me happy, I can hardly eat less than two at a time. I'm often baffled when I hold a size small shirt up to me and it looks like a perfect fit, only to be disappointed at its snugness when I get home and put it on. I largely eat healthy meals, eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, greek yogurt and berries.. fruits throughout the day.. .lots of veggies at dinner… but I have a snacking problem. I rarely drink beverages outside of coffee and water, but am also rarely able to pass up the calypso cookies I bring home from the Publix Bakery for H - Who has lost a few pounds while eating cookies and drinking only a half glass of water daily. These last 10 pounds are really getting on my nerves. And so is Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred. What about a 3 day shed? That I can work with. 

Also, my hair won't hold curls:-(


p.s. Don't get me wrong. I love myself dearly.. Just taking note, working through some things, getting it all out on the table.. good and bad. Bear with me.. roll with me if you will.

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