Jun 2, 2014


- Find a song for the summer and play it every day really loud. Thinking about this? Or this:-) Or can I get a PG version of this? SING!! DANCE.
- More Reading (actual books and not just articles on my iPad. Two books per month. I just finished this (a great beach read!!) currently reading this, and this is next!
- Weekly library visits, just like Lola. Here's our summer reading list - all books that build character
- Swim lessons for Avery
- More writing in my journal.
- Take the kids to visit my family in Florida (without H.) I haven't done a road trip without him yet.
- PenPals for Andie (write weekly letters)
- Start Potty Training Avery
- Go to the Drive-In
- Summer Hair!
- Finishing Touches on Photo Gallery, Kids Rooms, Play Space, Entry Way
- Grow veggies on my side deck garden
- Old Maid and Bingo Fridays
- More al fresco meals on the back deck
- Peach Picking at Southern Belle Farms
- Visit the Community Gardens (Oakhurst, East Lake)
- Picnic at High and Fernbank Museums and the Botanical Gardens
- Hike Stone Mountain
- Bike Silver Comet
- A weekend getaway with H.
- Camp out in the Back Yard
- Some DIY projects from my Pinterest Pile
- Summer smoothies and juices
- Make our own popsicles (just ordered this popsicle mold)
- Organize Party/Craft Closet, my closet
- Summer Cocktail Porch Party!
- Run!! I figure now that I don't have to get everyone dressed and out the door I can run in the mornings before H. gets off to work.

What's on your list that I missed?

spotted this photo over here (among other goodness).

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Ashley LaMar said...

I especially like "Hike Stone Mountain." That's on my list this year too. My husband and I are moving to metro Atlanta in July and will be staying with family in Stone Mountain until we get settled. I'm in the process of putting together a whole "First Year in Atlanta" list and putting down things I want to do my first year there. Any suggestions for me?

bunnie hilliard said...

I can't believe I've been here for over 10 years and have never hiked Stone Mountain. I've also never been to Six Flags (since moving here). We are headed to Stone Mountain tomorrow with some friends! I found this list for you to peruse: http://365atlantafamily.com/2014/06/01/52-things-to-do-in-atlanta-this-summer/
Some of my favorite things are : Biking the Beltline, The High Museum, Old Fourth Ward Splash Pad, Botanical Gardens, to name a few. .WELCOME TO HOTLANTA!!

Ashley LaMar said...

Oh that's great! Thanks so much! We have been wanting to move to Atlanta (my husband was born/raised there) but haven't been able to do it until this year. Very excited about it.

bunnie hilliard said...

Its definitely a fun place to live. I thought I'd have moved back to Florida where ALL of my family lives, but I think we are staying put!! Please feel free to ping me with any questions!!


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