Jul 15, 2014


So yes! The reason for this post!

Its that time of year again, and if your little has sprouted up over the summer like mine, you'll be needing to invest in new clothes for back to school. I'd like to add some classic little things that I think will carry her through the year. She'll be able to mix and match, add sweaters, tights, boots, as we get into the colder months. Here are some of my top picks/favorites…

Most of these things I'd like to add to my own wardrobe as well..

This chambray bib tunic from CrewCuts should last through the warmer months with shorts and capris, and we can add a cardigan when it starts to get a little cooler in the fall months. I'd even stick it under a pullover in the winter.

I know pink gets much play in a little girls wardrobe. So these pink suede mocks are right on trend for Andie who still can't get enough of the color. No socks in the summer early fall, in the winter add socks/tights WOOT.

All of munchkins leggings have turned into capris since her little summer growth spurt. These striped leggings will be the first - I like to stock pile these things to go under dresses turned shirts, and skirts.. 

I'm not sure where she got the notion, but the little has been making plans to add a horse (and small stables) to our "estate". This Gunner and Lux - Little Lux  horse necklace will have to do.. I think its adorable, and would love some of their "Grown-Up" pieces as well...

This little kitty ears liberty print headband is SO CUTE RIGHT? 

Cant go back to school without a new pencil case! I really like the stuff over at Peppercorn Kids.

Now should I stay true to size a get a little bigger? How to you buy clothes for your littles?

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you about my guest post over on my bloggy pal Maria's blog. I shared some really yummy recipes with her folks. Please check her (and me) out if you have a few minutes (and some blackberries you want to make plans for:-)


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