Aug 29, 2014


Happy Friday!

A great start to the weekend for me! Well sort of.  Dropped little h off to preschool - not a tear… FROM HIM.  Me on the other hand, I still felt on the verge of a good cry inside?!!  Extra hormones?

At any rate, one last birthday gift for the munchkin. These necklaces made from shells and stones we found on our summer adventures.

She insists on wearing them all at once? Never too many accessories I suppose..

To Make
Cut brightly colored cotton cord (available at Craft Stores) about four inches longer than the desired length of your necklace.  Knot the cord ends. Fold it in half and wrap it around the shell or stone, the pull the cord ends through the loop.  Tighten and secure with super glue or hot glue. Let dry!

Some other fun links to peruse over the Labor Day weekend:

As Vogue put it, The ultimate blonde takes on street style. That's right Barbie has Instagram and her style is SO SERIOUS. Hope Brunette and Chocolate Barbie get some play too..

Speaking of breaking news… I was on the local news again!!! At this rate, I'll be a local celebrity in no time!

This ValMariePaper prayer journal may be just the addition I need to stay purposeful and on track with my prayers for my family, goals, and ambitions.

If you follow Bunnie Hilliard on Instagram you know that munchkin turned 6 - WOOT!! And if you don't (follow) check out what she said was THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE here.  see #munchkinturns6 on Instagram for the play by play or her special day...

So excited to take the long weekend to read something new and funny. A dear friend left this book for me at pickup from the preschool today. She thought I'd like it - its about a blogger. One last sumer read!

If you get a minute, and are in the mood to see some lovely lady frocks check out my fab mum friends newly updated website - Ladyee Boutique

Speaking of Fashion, stay tuned for a fun collaboration with a boutique I'm so excited to introduce you too.


Hope you have a great weekend!! Any fun plans?


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