Aug 27, 2014


So I've been doing a much better job these days of giving myself a little mani in lieu of getting an actual manicure at the salon. Not unlike most mamas I'm washing my hands a gazillion times a day, and it just feels like a waste when the polish is looking all chippy after day 2 and who has time to scrounge up nail polish remover and take polish off. Instead, I've found the perfect pale pink shade of polish barely noticeable when it starts to chip leaving me plenty of time to get back around to giving myself a little refresh. So my nails look pretty clean and crisp most of the time (pats self on back).

That was my round about way of saying, Here's my 5 minute manicure routine!!

What You Need:

Nail File
Olive Oil
Base Coat
Perfect light Pink Shade of Polish
Clear Top Coat

What to do:

Step One: File underneath nails with emory board - Makes them rounder and not sharp.

Step Two: Oil the cuticles with a bit of olive oil. I don't do any pushing back, but just rubbing around. I actually just wipe off the excess oil with a baby wipe:-)

Step Three: I've been using Essie's Grow Stronger as a base coat. Just one coat.

Step Four: Apply Color. One swipe down the right, One down the left, then in the middle, and then the tip.  Let dry for a minute, then apply another coat.

Step Five: After two days or so, apply a top coat to keep it fresh for the rest of the week.

Now about those hang nails.. another story for another day…

I'm a big fan of Essie polish. They do a really good job with the range of colors and is pretty affordable. I've tried Madmoiselle, and Ballet Slippers, but  Essie Sugar Daddy is quite the perfect nude shade of pink. Definitely my all time favorite, and looks gorgeous on all skin tones.

What is that on my skirt? who knows after a day of this and this with the littlest.

At any rate, This is super easy to do and I leave the polish on my little kitchen cart so that if I have a spare 5 mins I can give myself a quick mani before heading off to the play ground..

Whats your "go to" nail polish brand/color?


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