Sep 20, 2014


So I was so excited that I got to link up with a dear friend of mine (a mom from munchkins former preschool) at a birthday party last weekend. We've been sending notes, and emails, and texts, but it had been nearly a year since we'd seen each other, I think? Where does the time go?? At any rate, after giving each other the run down of the haps over the last year (girl scouts, new schools, hot dates, play dates...) she put me on to a couple of jams that she and her little were shaking their booties to.

These has been on replay all week, the radio edited version of course:-)

And this line dance we've been jamming to a gazillion times. Elmo slide AGAIN mommy!!

some other thoughts musings for the weekend:

The other night we got dressed up and went to a little fundraising event. In hindsight, wishing I had this super cute clutch instead of dragging around my bulky (albeit fancy) bag. And all of these cute accessories on super duper sale at Anthropologie.

Filling up my Pinterest "Hair Crush" board with these anything but basic bun styles. They don't call me Bunnie for nothing.

Did I mention that in an effort not to pull out every strand of my hair this year, I've decided to join in on the fun (at least the snacks and adult beverages) and learn the game of Football. I've even joined a Fantasy Football league with some girlfriends. I hope The Bunnie Ranch kicks butt this weekend - WOOT.

Setting a date with a bloggy pal of mine to get together for a crafternoon and put the finishing touches some pumpkins and other fall goodness.

How come noone told me about InstaCart?! These folks will go grocery shopping and deliver it to your door (in as little time as an hour), thats bananas!! You mean, I can get my Organic Horizon whole milk, Huggies Slip Ons, and squeezey Peter Rabbit apple sauce pouches all while little people people are napping? Sign up and receive free delivery on your first order over $10, Say what?!

Oh re reading this New York Times article about "Scandal" and "Greys Anatomy" creator/writer Shonda Rhimes. I think it was supposed to be a praise report - A little baffling if its not a joke?!! I am personally offended on many levels!!?


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