Oct 8, 2014


I think I've posted this list somewhere before, but this week I feel like I need a reminder. I've been talking a little bit about how I'm approaching 40 and feeling like I need to refine and redefine me. These are the the things that make me happy and I hope will never change. 

1. Start my day with prayer and devotional reading. It just feels good to start the day with your mind in a good place.

2. Make my bed.  It's just a better start to the day, and if everything else goes to hell, coming upstairs to a made bed just makes it a good reset.

3. Read to the children.  Its good for them, we get to spend some focused time together, and it just makes me feel like a better parent honestly..

4. Read for enjoyment at the end of my day.Replace my nightly recap of The Young and the Restless with more purposeful reading.. at least for a little while (don't judge me).

5. Journal my thoughts and goals. Speaking (and writing) good things into existence...

6. Spend some time working and growing in my passions and pursuits.  Nothing like working on your goals and crossing things off your "to do" list to make you feel just a bit more fulfilled.

7. Snuggle with H.  I still like him A LOT. Most of the time.

What would you add to this list? Anything that helps keep you centered and feeling like yourself?

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