Oct 7, 2014


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If you haven't already put up your fall wreath and were looking for something fun and festive (and easy) for halloween… I thought I'd share a DIY wreath tutorial for the wreath currently hanging on our front door. Looks pretty good right? Instead of spending $40 plus on one of the beautiful Etsy or store bought wreaths, I thought I'd make my own.. Well..this was actually a leftover wreath from a book party from a friend. I hot glued on a couple of spiders and repurposed it as one of my fall/halloween wreaths  WOOT.

 However… this DIY Halloween wreath is pretty similar to this coffee filter wreath I've made before. You just need:

DIY Wreath Supplies:
grapevine wreath or styrofoam wreath from Michaels or Hobby Lobby or the like.
- hot glue gun and glue sticks
- old book that you don't mind ripping the pages out of. I would suggest picking up one at the Dollar Tree. Read a few pages and make sure its not some literary classic you'll regret demolishing later.
plastic spiders

DIY Wreath Directions:
1. Tear a page out of the book and roll it in a method of your choosing. I prefer making a fold to front, fold to back "s" shape.
2. After rolling the page, apply some glue at the end of the roll and glue it to the wreath. Work your way from the bottom of the wreath up to the top, finishing one layer before moving to the next.
3. To fill in any spaces, you’ll simply roll a page, apply glue to the ends, and just stick it in the wreath. The filler pages don’t necessarily need to touch the wreath; they can stick to the pages already glued to the wreath if need be. Use the filler pages to fill in holes and add some height.

Hoping to get over to the pumpkin patch and get the rest of the porch dressed for fall.

I hope you make this! Please let me know if you do it!

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Denise said...

Super cute idea! Love the spiders! ;)

Maria Pinkelton said...

This is purdy!!!

Joy Prince said...

Love it!

bunnie hilliard said...

Thanks Denise!!

bunnie hilliard said...

THANKS!! Girl you are CRAZY! We need to reschedule our cocktails and crafts night?!!

bunnie hilliard said...

Shaarrpp!! :-) thanks boo!


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