Oct 13, 2014


I've been doing some fall organizing of late and a couple of areas have gotten a bit of an overhaul. Starting with shuffling some things around in the kitchen and my little work space and restockintg our work and craft areas.

Now I can get some work done and occupy the kiddos with all of the necessities needed to take advantage of those flowing creative juices. A well stocked crafting kit with everything in one place. Some items I already had and just needed corralling and the rest I scooped up at Target and IKEA. All set for weekend fun, after school crafts, impromptu playdates (or any other emergency scenario) tucked in a couple of upholstered bins I picked up at the TJMaxx.  

Perfectly Stocked Kids Craft Kit
I put together a little list with links to some of my favorite brands.

1. Pipe Cleaners  from Dollar Tree or pick some up at the dollar spot at the Target.
2.  Paint Brushes 
3.  Beads or these oh and alphabet beads too.
4. Glue: Glue Sticks  Liquid Glue
5. Assorted Paper: Water Color , Colored Construction, Kraft Paper Roll (my all time favorite).
6. Markers 
5. Assorted Paints: Water Color Paints  and Fabric Paint
7. Crayons
8. Drawing Paper Roll
9. Cotton cord or elastic stretch cord.
10. Tape Assortment: Double sided, Clear and  Washi Tape
11. Colored Pencils
12. Kid Scissors
13. Smocks 
14. Chalk

Some honorable mentions: Googly Eyes, Modge Podge (for the older set), Glitter!!

That's my list! Am I the only one who gets geeked about this stuff? Am I missing anything?


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Mimi said...

As I diligently move towards completing the play room I just thought the other day that I need to make a list of just supplies that they need down there so when it gets cold and they want to craft they have everything they need. I have most of this list but I would like to stock up on paint. Going to wait for a sale at Michael's and go crazy!


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