Nov 12, 2014



glue gun
glue sticks
little cups
kraft coffee filters
grape vine wreath
masking tape


1. Dye about 10 - 12  coffee filters.
You could very well just do all Kraft colored flowers and not dye them at all.. But I wanted it to feel like fall so I picked some fall colors (red, yellow, orange, pink) and then used brown to mute them a bit. Put paint in your cups, add a little brown and stir… then add a little water to loosen… Then you can shove about  4 (crumpled) filters in each cup. Wait about 20 minutes. Then I laid out plastic to open them up and let them dry (about 20 minutes). You'll be able to tell when they are dry.

2. Cut out Flowers.
In hindsight, this took me a lot longer than it should have.  Because I could not wait an wanted to cut and then immediately place it on the wreath. To move more swiftly go ahead and cut out all of your flowers first.  Here is the link to the awesome tutorial I used.

3. Arrange flowers on your wreath.
Once you've cut out all of your flowers, then you'll arrange them on your wreath by putting a generous amount of hot glue on the (tape) bottom of your flowers and holding them for a few seconds in place where you want on your wreath. I did the front of the wreath and then filled in the outside perimeter so that it looked nice and full.

4. Add embellishments.
I only have maple trees in my yard. So I put on a black ski mask and snuck into a neighbors yard and scoured for acorns. Just kidding, I texted her and she told me where the key was:-) I also found a few fall leaves and shoved them in and on the wreath with the hot glue.

5. Hang your wreath!

TA DA!! Cute Right?! I finished this up in time to hang it on the door before we took our family photos over the weekend. I suppose now its time to make a Holiday Wreath? Stay tuned:-)

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