Nov 10, 2014



Just putting it out there. Being very thoughtful and purposeful about my thoughts today. Trying hard to speak things into existence. I think its working… 

Getting in some coffee shop office hours and ticking off my to do list.. Speaking of which:

I picked up this awesome Sugar Paper planner  at Target this weekend that I'm all ready to use next year! I love it because its basically the date and then room to write down your "to do list for the day" And I am all about a "To Do" List . Checkout my favorite tips here. 

My bloggy pal Mimi came over and took the most amazing family photos this weekend. Check out the sneak peak here. So now I'm on to designing holiday cards. Hoping this jump start will get them out in time for Christmas instead of New Years (or Valentines Day) cards..

Pinched my neck during a headstand attempt at yoga. I've been taking a few classes a week which are kicking my but and making me feel SO STRONG. So proud of myself for continuing to purposefully set aside some time just for me. And I get to see some really special mama's that I've really been missing!

Trying really hard to eat healthy. I got on the scale and realized why my shirts are not buttoning up very 
easily these days. I'm on Day 3 of Eating Whole (HEALTHY) Foods. I'm trying to convince myself that junk food is for suckas! It helps that I've already eaten all of the good Halloween candy. I've started pinning some yummy recipes and ideas here

Last but not least. I almost forgot to post the winner of The MINT JULEP BOUTIQUE giveaway! FINALLY. Look for your gift card code in your inbox soon!!

What did you get into this weekend? If you haven't already go ahead and declare today AWESOME and AMAZING!! You'll be surprised just how far some positive affirmation will get you.

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Mimi said...

I guess I need to come to your Target. Mine still doesn't have them in, I've been everyday.


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