Nov 7, 2014


Happy Friday!

I had planned to reveal this hideous amazing old chandelier (that came with the house and I immediately took it down) that I lacquered black and placed snugly in my entryway. Wowza - What a statement!!  Ummm. Not today. This project did not turn out quite as I had planned. But please stay tuned for the redo and unveiling.

But I couldn't let that stop me from sharing some fresh lighting ideas in the spirit of the AWESOME lighting sale going on with my friends over at Wayfair. Since that project has me in the mood to do a complete overhaul . I was so excited that asked me to share!

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QUESTION: How would you describe your home decor style?

Now that I've been living in this house for 7 years and with the invention of Pinterest, I've had the time and tools to really consider this. I remember when Tony's grand mom asked me what my kitchen color scheme was (so she could send me some of her home shopping network finds), and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.  I mean, well, I like what I like.  But didn't really have a name for it.

I think I've come up with something. Mid Century Modern. I don't know that everything I like falls under this umbrella, but I do know that my current lighting situation, while very nice, is not quite my style. I'm hoping to do a little refreshing in the upcoming months with this punch list in tow.


I'm no expert on Mid Century Modern, but I think I'm leaning in that direction as it relates to over all style. I bought a pretty traditional lamp from Restoration Hardware some years back that pretty much clashes with everything in the room now. I am really digging this tripod lamp and thinking one like this would be a perfect replacement. Stay tuned for the craigslist post to get rid of the old one.


I used to be a silver person, but am seriously loving gold these days? Of course I'm totally inspired by this jaw dropping girls room and that little clip on light over the bed would be perfect for reading bed time stories to the munchkin. Similar lamp here.


I'm still settling on decor for Avery's room. I really LOVE all of the color here. And since he's 2.5 now, I'm thinking something closer to a big boy room. Little H currently doesn't have a lamp in his room. Just the overhead light/ceiling fan. I found  this geometric lamp with a pop of color over at Wayfair, and have full confidence that it would fit quite nicely on the bookshelf next to the rocker where we read bed time stories.

Never figured myself for a sconce person, but after much research have decided this would be a good idea. I can turn my light on and read (or blog) before bed and not disturb Tony if he's ready to turn the lights out. I found this super cute gold (my new favorite fixture) sconce at Wayfair and think its a definite.


I can live with most of the lighting in my house if I had too, but the bathroom fixtures must go. Something simple with a lot of light is what I'm thinking These clear globe lights are at the top of my list.


My home office that is currently tucked into my guest bedroom doesn't get very much light. I'm thinking a spot light like this should shine exactly what I need to work on my writing and projects. I love this black and white decor and think a similar light in a fun color is just what the doctor ordered.

So I'll ask again, just out of curiosity. What's your decor style? Tradtional? Modern? Farmhouse Chic?

Don't forget to head over to Wayfair and check out the lighting sale:

For lamps use the promo code: WFLAMPS15 to receive 15% off between November 6 and November 10
Graciously compensated for this post by the awesome folks at Wayfair.  All opinions, ideas, and photos are my own.


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FabulousLIVES said...

Lately...whites, gray,gold,mustard and lavender seem to be screaming my name. I have created a punch list and secret pin boards via pinterest...all in hopes that I can give the home a bit of an upgrade. I think with my recent birthday, having a growing toddler, and spending more time in my abode...has made it all too apparent that I've outgrown the decisions I once made 6 years ago when we moved in.

My style in words is refined, casual and luxurious... Cozy, textured leather and linens, and optimistic. I love natural elements and mixing shiny metals.

Modern French country??

bunnie hilliard said...

Same here Fabienne. Out with the old and in with the new. French Country YES!!


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