Dec 9, 2014


Hi!! Taking a quick break from my working sabbatical to check in with you guys! Oh I hope you are SO WELL and enjoying this holiday time with your most favorite people and doing your most favorite things.. I've have been tacking up the snapshots of our Christmas adventures over on Instagram.

I'll be kicking off this holiday party season at Tony's company party and then at a fun little soiree sponsored by The Bitter Southerner and Warby Parker at the Atlanta store.  I was super excited when the folks over at Warby Parker asked me to help spread the word about the launch of the newest collaboration. 

The Concentric Collection, which introduces three new styles, alongside a new color, Whistler Greymakes its appearance not a moment too soon, just about the time our heavy layers could use a little zing. The latest looks are all about complement and contrast, with a bit of luxury and a subtle dash of color. 


As a fellow "four eyes" (they are much better than two), I'm always admiring and on the look out for stylish and statement spectacles. I've been wearing glasses since I was eight years old, and  I've pretty much decided I'll never wear contacts. I've grown quite accustomed to the smart sexy librarian look? Umm.. 

The Concentric Collection focuses on eyeglasses styles and sunglasses styles.  Will be drooling over trying on a few pair and especially that crystal pair - which must come home with me I think are my favorite.

Which pair would you wear? Going to any fun parties? 

Not compensated for this post. I just thing these specs are super cute. Experience a day in the life of Warby Parker


P.S. Just like all of their existing collections, for every pair sold, they distribute a pair to someone in need through their non-profit partners. 


FabulousLIVES said...

I love warby parker....and have always wished I needed glasses. Com pl lately obsessed with the clear/ crystal option and Whistler gray. I mean who wouldn't love a color named after the infamous Canadian ski resort.

mackyton said...

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