Nov 18, 2014


Hey Folks!

I think I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to announce or bring attention to any breaks in blog posting and such. But so anyway, out of respect for you, and my blog, which I love so much, I thought it would be right. Or at least okay.

In an effort to focus more fully on The Giggle Girls Book Club Project (and my family). I am going take a small break from the blog.  I have not been doing a great job at writing awesome and fun blog posts and taking care of these little people (and H) and this house and launching the business. So...

I'll be spending a little time catching up on a few things like trying to keep up with this laundry list that seems to be the culprit of the extra dirty socks I took off Avery this morning. And maybe even getting in this - which I'm sure will make everything else fall into place.

But most importantly, I'll be doing my darndest to focus on the website and building relationships with toy and craft vendors and book publishers.  Any help, contacts, forwards, "likes" and "shares" you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

In the interim, I will still be taking snapshots of my much needed sanity breaks from the kiddos and the hustle of trying my hardest to be a successful work/stay at home mommy over here at our spot.

If you don't mind,

Please spread the word about THE GIGGLE GIRLS BOOK CLUB as I attempt to help breed the new young bookish clique:-)

Giggle Girls Book Club Website
Giggle Girls Book Club Twitter
Giggle Girls Book Club Instagram
Giggle Girls Book Club Facebook

I will most certainly be back with amazing new things to share!


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