Oct 28, 2009

Muffin tops...

made some muffins for my little muffin today... they turned out a heck of alot better than the last batch of blueberry muffins i attempted to make. these were apple cinnamon, i added some applesauce. it's my SECRET recipe.

Also finally got the pumpkins out front, since we had a monsoon roll through yesterday. i decided to go FALL instead of SPOOKY. I can keep these til thankgiving right? well i'm sure going to try. here's what i came up with so far. i think i'd like to add a latern.


Also a pleasant surprise today.. GiGi (Godmommy) paid us a visit.. she's our favorite (next to Violet of course:-).. muuwah!

this just in.. hubby found this pic of us looking for our very first FAMILY tree.. this year I think we'll do it Griswald style.. somebunny was snug as a bug and sleeping the whole time..

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