Oct 31, 2009

Pagan Holidays...

Gotta love them.. I thought this was super cute. I think I'll try it next year. Hubby said it was nice but a little bit extra.. like the gold leaves on my current front porch display... He tried to persuade me to nix the gold leaves, but I thought they added character.. What does he know anyway...I'm sure no man even has a reason to even SAY gold leaves let alone decorate with them.. At any rate...

Toddler Time at the High... Little lumpkin was checking out the Leonardo Di Vinci write up..  We are loving out Orbit Toddler Stroller Seat.. It doubles as a high chair if you move the front bar out of the way.

Someone had way too much fun trying on Mommy's witch hat.. tee hee hee.. Only Bad witches are ugly:-)

Date Night!! Godmommy so graciously stayed with the little munchkin while we enjoyed a much overdo night out on the town at Cafe Circa.. the menu looked alot tastier than actuality.. We even got our groove on for a bit..  Dont we look SO GROWN UP!?

And Pagan Holidays would not be complete with out costumes!! Our little ladybug and her little pirate friend in the back.. Also daddy's knee.. Enjoying some great chicken chili compliments of Cathy.. Thanks!! Halloween Rocks!

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