Nov 1, 2009

Hey Good Lookin'!

Tried my hand at a few twists on some Southern favorites.. I was watching Paula Deen last week and this guy Kofi Moyo was on, hooking up some Candlelight Catfish and Quick Spicy Collards. I added some smoked turkey necks, since I'm from Jacksonville and that's just how we do it;-p  I also also made some rice and sweet and buttery carrots (add brown sugar and butter).  Leftover cupcakes from last nights Halloween Party will be just the treat we need to make sure our jeans are fitting nice and snug..



Once again hubby is a member of the clean plate club.. sweet!

On another note, I was nosing around on the anthropologie site and saw these lovely little diddies.. A girl can dream cant she:-) I know I should be looking at sweaters and the like but I figured with a cute jacket and some boots?

Pendulum Dress

Signal Flag Dress

Hubby is putting the little one to bed tonight... So I get a little time to myself... A mommy's work is never done:-)

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