Jan 12, 2010

the doctor will see you now..

so i mentioned in an earlier blog. that this is like my cheap new therapy.. blogging that is.. it allows me to zone out for a bit, forget about the mundaneness (is that a word?) and troubles of the day.. and focus on what makes me happy. my family, all things beautiful, God's great gifts:-)

somedays i feel like super woman! super mommy! the world is my oyster.. and some days (like today).. like the big "L".

i havent been watching much crappy TV.. although i did have a three way conference call last night to watch "Let's talk about Pep". a train wreck.

but i digress (as i usually do).

while thumbing through some of my favorite mags.. i ran across these things that made me grin

mailing lables from tapeswell.com

magnetic dry erase board from threebythree designs

corrine bailey rae - the sea
available janurary 26th 

roll up key board 
available at jc penney

looks like this was the rage at 2010 fashion week.
at least on the runways of marc by marc jacobs


and while looking for this Chanel tweed dress, i ran into this fabulous coat.


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