Jan 7, 2010

one step at a time...

what i dont understand about this man is why he insists on having me watch a football game that he himself is not watching.. like "oh, turn to the game.. i've been waiting for the game to start." and then he promptly goes to sleep with remote in his hand.. let me say that this is quite annoying since i am not a football fan. i have no desire to watch it. or any other sport (except gymnastics, and ice skating). except i will watch the bengals for a brief moment because thier uniforms are so cute and flashy!

but i digress..

so then when i try and get the remote to turn the channel, he's like "babe, i'm watching this..." when i clearly saw your eyes completely closed and maybe even a little drool on your lip..

the joys of marriage..

which brings me to my point. i've been in little funk. this happens to me when i watch bad tv that i'm ashamed of. or is it the other way around?

at any rate, i realized that i must be ashamed because as i was watching The Real World DC the other night and i thought i heard hubby's footsteps coming up the stairs and i hurried to change the channel so he wouldnt see that i was watching:-( because i was embarrassed.

i think if i put it out there then maybe i'll stop. the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

5 shows that i'm embarrassed to watch and even TiVo occassionally

The Real World 
I'll put my age out there and go on record that I remember the first cast like it was yesterday. Kevin, Heather B., Eric.. Hubby and I both agreed that we are too old to continue to watch the show but would allow ourselves to look at any episodes prior to Las Vegas. But sometimes I just cant help myself.. what if i just watch the challenges? HELP. ME. PLEASE.

VH1 Bachelor Shows.. Any of them...
I know it's just wrong. Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, The Love of Ray J... maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me? I even caught myself trying to help this "Entertainer" guy find the perfect girl to help him move out of his mother's basement.  I'm getting nervous.. please dont talk badly about me.

Keeping up with the Kardashians.. I. AM. SO. EMBARRASSED!
It's like US weekly without the commercials?

Teen Mom
Really? Teen Mom? What grade am I in? I'm sure they did not have my demographic in mind when putting this show together.. maybe it's the mom in me.. i could really be THIER mom.. Now that's embarrassing.

The Young and the Restless
Okay, really. I'm not embarrassed by this. I've been watching since I was in the womb. So really its not my fault. I scheduled my college classes around it. and I was on bed rest for the latter part of my pregnancy so my 16 month old can probably hum herself to sleep with the theme music. And they will cancel this show over my dead body. okay maybe a little embarrassed.

A nice Southern girl should not be watching these things! Immediately following, i will send out an email for the ressurection of my book club. I promise. Wanna join?


MrsADS said...

LOL! Yes, count me in, please :).

Also, I not only watch Y&R, but every CBS soap opera. I cried when Guiding Light ended and I still have the last episode saved on the dvr. I will probably lose my mind when As the World Turns ends in September :(.

BuddhaBelly said...

OMG! I watch ALL of those shows (No YNR) and I also LOVE and TIVO The Hills and The City!

bunnie hilliard said...

i miss The Hills and The City:-)

bunnie hilliard said...

So do you think Adam is still alive or what?


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