Feb 10, 2010

bunnie and h. sittin' in a tree..

tomorrow we will have been married for 4 glorious years... i can still remember the day we met like it was yesterday.. and my mom will tell you that the night we met (6.5 years ago), i came home and told her that i had met my husband.. mainly because he could recite all of the lines from "The Color Purple." 

It has been quite the non stop crazy whirlwind since that summer day in Jax.

Here's to many MANY more..


does he look like he has a ring in his pocket?


at piedmont park for our save the dates.. how did i dig this up? my arms look so taut and thin.. loves it!

truly the happiest moment of my life.. and the best party i've ever been to:-)


the next best party i've ever been to (my 30th).. at the spot we first met. breakin' it down like we do!!


a baby in my belly! yay!


okay maybe this is the happiest day of my life... or at least the scariest:-)



i owe all of the best days of my life to you.. 
i feel really old now. i think i'll go and put on some moisturizer...

happy anniversary


Lynn said...

Awww congratulations guys! Enjoy it daily...

My best, Lynn

bunnie said...

thanks SO much... LOVE your blog.. i went natural a few years back, but gave up when i got to hot and fat the summer i was preggers with the munchkin... i couldnt hold my hands over my head long enough to do my hair:-)

Lydia said...

how wonderful


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