Mar 5, 2010


So, I have contributed highly to the wife's love of all things bag. DVF, Marc, Cole Haan...blah.blah.blah. I think it started when I bought her one for grad school graduation and escalated from there. I like her to have nice things that she can keep forever and a day. While browsing through the latest T-Magazine, I spotted this Longchamp. Even in green, it speaks timeless. In my opinion, you pay any substantial price, it MUST be timeless and essential. Never bought a clutch either. Mother's Day or Birthday? Maybe.


BuddhaBelly said...

LUCKY GIRL!!!! :) H..can you have a "bag" talk with my husband please!!!!??? Mother's day IS coming!!

bunnie said...

yes.. thanks to you hubby i am a bag snob.. and a hotel snob.. but's that's for another post:-)

@bb.. we'll see what we can do.. put it on your blog and we'll work from there:-)


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