Mar 1, 2010

the sewing circus book club

i've been a bad blogger this past week or so. it's been a whirlwind of activity.. quite more than i'm accustomed to all at once...

at any rate...

one of the highlights was our first book club meeting of the year.. i actually started this book club last year after the munchkin was born and i decided to stay at home with her for a bit.. it was my way of keeping up with some great friends that i might not get to see regularly otherwise...  i got to read great books and have great conversation with some of the most wonderful ladies i know...

there are some original members but mostly new.. a few were missing but promised to catch up with us next time:-)

so we met here on saturday morning and had a great breakfast and discussed our first book...

personally, i was not as entertained as i would have like to have been by the book. however, it was quite insightful and informative... basically a cynics take on the institution of marraige. 
her research on the history of, western views, and that of other cultures..
with a goal of convincing herself that marraige to her can be a good thing.. 
even the second time around.
we gave it a collective 3.5 out of 5.

and now for the ladies:-)  they are all SO DYNAMIC!! I want to be like each and every one of them some day...

in a word:





 best all around.

and one of my best pals in the whole wide world even flew in from jax to kick us off! she is the best house guest ever.. she also picked the next book:


looking forward to reading this one.. she picked it because she thought the cover was beautiful.. i totally agree...


this is my friend mr. strawberry cream cheese croissant.. i got his number and will be calling him again soon:-)



Alli Girl said...

You are all of the above BEAUTIFUL! I am honored to be part of this group! Can't wait for the next one.

MrsADS said...

Ditto to everything Alli said :)! See you all next month!

Lydia said...

you make life look so glamorous--even with me in it!!! luv ya!


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