Apr 3, 2010

egg hunt!!

i wont keep you long. just wanted to share some pix from last weekend. the munchkin invited some of her pals over for a big egg hunt. i'm sure my neighbors thought we were having some kind of photo shoot as we were all chasing the munchkin's around the yard with cameras!!

it was BIG fun!

the munchkins boo brought her a bouquet of tulips (my favorite) in honor of the big day! she's a little greasy in this pic. i get a little carried away with vaseline sometimes... that flower in her hair is almost as big as her head? sorry munchkin... mommy gets a little carried away with MANY things...

annies organic cheddar bunnie's are all the rage on the toddler scene:-)

we even had an appearance by the easter bunny:-)

 class of 2026! man we're old!

1 comment:

Claire Kiefer said...

I cannot believe your little munchkin has a "boo" who brings her flowers . . . cutest thing I've ever heard. ;)


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