Apr 1, 2010

nothing too fancy...

in my quest for high school skinniness (is that a word?) i have embarked on a quest to give my veggies a little kick in order to not fall off the band wagon. these balsamic green beans and mushrooms (with brown rice and baked chicken) did not taste like the publix berry blast sherbet that i was pretending they were. but they were really yummy nonetheless.

i told the little munchkins teacher that i would make her grand daughter a few head bands for Easter. This is what  i came up with.

Try to imagine these on a toddler:-)

So after the little munchkin's music class today she decided that she wanted to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and have dinner on the patio here..  No really, she did!  i'm a big fan of mexican. and it seems someone is following in my footsteps:-)


i could eat this all day.. dont worry i didnt this time.

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