Mar 13, 2011

country strong...

If you know me well, you know that i'm from Jacksonville, Florida. Born and raised. Country. But in a good way:-) Since we are on the coast it is quite common to partake in a hearty meal of crabs. Occassionally we take it outdoors in a big pot with all sorts of things thrown in: corn, potatoes, sausage, boiled eggs?. And we wont discuss the massive amounts of seasoned butter used for dipping. Now we didnt take it that far, but hubby got the urge yesterday; and picked these up from the Publix (I know that's cheating - but what are you going to do?). And they were YUMMY!
We settled on a little ceasar salad on the side:-)

SN: Munchkin had grilled cheese, sadly she's allergic...

And in true "Pearls and Khakis" form I made Madeleines for dessert:-)

Unfortunately,  for my favorite jeans, I have made it a habit to bake cookies most weekends.  And I have the best helper EVER!!

P.S. Can someone buy me a REAL mixer?

Unfortunately, I've been gobbling these up four at a time.. At least the girl scout cookies are gone.
 I have a problem:-(


Claire Kiefer said...

You can justify it cause your daughter is so cute helping in the kitchen! And your madeleines look so pretty! I was just thinking on Friday (when I saw them at my coffee shop) how I'd probably burn them, etc. if I attempted to make them from scratch.

bunnie hilliard said...

Hey Claire! I hope you are well! I've been responding to old comments on the blog in the day:-/ at any rate - YAY COOKIES!!


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