Mar 18, 2011

when i grow up...

when i grow up i'm going to be just like these chicks.. i was minding my own business, checking out the sales on the jcrew site (because I only buy deep discount at j.crew:-) and up pops this little missy. wearing the cutest little ensemble. key word "little." at any rate i decided to scroll on through and  i was very impressed by these young ladies..

i'd totally wear this..

and this..

rock the ham sandwich out of this..


i would have liked to have this little sweater for the fundraiser i just got home from..

and i would totally wear matching outfits with this one..

and put my munchkin in this, if i believed in paying the same amount for her clothes as i did my own.. NOT so much..

too cute for words.. are the carrie bradshaw huge lapel flower brooches back?

trying to put something together from my closet like this as we speak..

i think i can pull this look together for tomorrow..

thanks j. crew for the mini inspiration.. you NEVER dissappoint..


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