Mar 24, 2011

i'm so excited!!

Look what I found!! !!
So I'll admit, it is a bit much.  My one splurge when we found out the little munchkin was on the way was my Orbit baby stroller. I saw Nicole Richie pushing little Harlow in one and I had to have it. What?!!! Dont judge me.
Being the hipsters that we are:-) It only seamed right to have an actual space ship to transport our precious cargo around town.  Its a car seat. Its a stroller. It travels well..
I convinced myself that I NEEDED it!
And it has served us well...

At some point I'd like to add another munchkin to our little family and I wanted to see if this little investment of ours would allow for and expansion to our tribe. 
And looky looky!

How cute will little miss munchkin look riding this Orbit Side Kick Stroller Board?! Not sure how safe it is, but it sure looks cool? And hubby who occassionally whips out his skate board?! has a reason to get her a skateboard of her own!


Ashley Stone said...

very cool!!!

Mario said...

That is too cute. I would be tempted to hop on it while I was pushing our little man.


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