Mar 26, 2011

the old college try!

So the folks (my parents) were in town and one the of projects I had on the docket was to get my dad to help me with some planting.. He has a great garden back home on thier acre of land chock full of all kinds of fruits and veggies.. I've mean pretending to start a garden for some time now and for the last few years have even gone out and bought some seeds.. But this year.. we took it a step further and actually put them in some dirt.. I'm starting with all of the ingredients to make my own home made salsa (tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro)plus a few other greens for salads..

the yard belongs to hubby so i'm forced onto our back deck, and my intention is to create a lush container garden.. so I'm looking for some inspiration.. we picked up some really cute pots from IKEA, but are starting here with these biodegradeable containers and some seeds.. my dad insisted on doing things the old fashion way. i would have been happy to pick up some saplings, but patience is a virtue (thats what It says..).

i'm keeping them indoors for now and already see some sprouts.. however, i've run into a little snafu. i have no idea what is what? no one told me that my Sharpie would fade.. so now the pots say absolutely nothing..

i suppose i'll just keep moving along and hopefully the contents will become apparent sooner rather than later.

as always my little munchkin is the best helper ever. she insisted on taking part of every stage of the process.

at any rate.. keeping my fingers crossed that I wont get discouraged and that i will be posting pix of Bunnie's home made salsa in no time at all:-)


jdavissquared said...

how fun! I planted flowers and herbs last year, but I have yet to attempt veggies. I'm thinking of planting a couple this year...we'll see.

Dana said...

Looks like fun. We will be starting our planting process in a few weeks. The hubby can not wait.

bunnie said...

so far so good ladies! lets keep each other posted:-)


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