Apr 1, 2011


So I've been meaning to work on this project for a bit now. We've had these lamps in our storage (aka our unfinished basement) forever. Hubby kept suggesting that I throw them out. But I was determined to make something of them. And I finally did!


This old lamp Hubs had in his apartment 8 years ago (WOW we are old) when we first met. They  looked alot better back then..

Stripping it was quite easy as the shade already hanging on for dear life.

I found this super cute fabric at IKEA. I have a feeling I'll be getting back there real soon to grab some of their really cute and inexpensive fabrics for safe keeping. I have lots of little projects on my docket that are just waiting for the right pattern:-)

I used a ruler to measure about a inch and a half around, so that I could fold over the wires. And used fabric glue to secure.

So this was my first try at covering a lamp. I think it turned out pretty good.  They were a pair, so I'll get another chance to take a crack at it. We will be carving out a little office/study space in the house soon, so that should give me just the excuse.

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Claire Kiefer said...

It looks so cute!!! I wish I had any clue how to use my sewing machine. I got one a couple years ago for Christmas and haven't even taken it out of its box . . . yikes. So much cool stuff you can do if you know how to operate one!


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