Apr 24, 2011

happy ressurection day!

So here's the deal.. I've only been blogging sparingly because I have a problem. I lost sight of why I started doing this in the first place. You start a little family so you start a little blog... Hey! I'll post some pix of life and times so that my extended family and  friends can see what we're up to in bunnieville.. 

and then it happens.. you get followers and comments and people you dont know that like your blog!! OMG how exciting.. and then you see other fabulous bloggers out there who are getting advertisers and doing photo shoots and you think, maybe i should write about stuff people want to see!! and you start comparing yourself to them and then..

so at any rate, i'm going back to basics.  i miss blogging.  and i'm going to keep posting about the things and people I love most!

more importantly.. HAPPY RESSURECTION DAY (also known as Easter).

hubbys parents came into town for the holiday.. and like any other red blooded Christian family partaking in Pagan rituals the munchkin had tons of fun doing some of this:

we also did some of this:

I use this recipe and substitute chocolate chips for raisins when i need a fix:

and then for the Grand Finale we did this:

This year, Granmother brought this super cute dress, The munchkin insisted that she wear her pearls. I shoved one of her tutu's underneath for added effect...and put on the biggest ruffliest socks I could find. I cant help myself, Im from the South:-)

Like true heathens we did not go to  church today. Although we both were raised in Baptist churches we've been moonlighting at this little Catholic church in the city. We like the feel of it and the message and the service time is perfect for cooperation from the munchkin which is very helpful. However, I'm always on edge thinking we will get called out like the charlatans we are when they notice something a little off with our participation (or lack of) because we have no idea what they are doing. 

In honor of this day let us just say THANKS:
Living He loved me/Dying He saved me/Buried He carried my sin far away/Rising He justified freely forever/One day He’s coming/ What a glorious day!!

Hope you guys had a great one!

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MrsADS said...

Love the pics...the munchkin is so adorable! And whoa, I haven't heard about anyone coming TO Catholicism in ages, LOL. Have you guys thought of taking catechism classes...that is, if you're considering it for the long haul? When the hubster has attended with me, he's pretty lost re the rituals also, but honestly, no one notices...or if they do, their focus is off-kilter ;).


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