Apr 25, 2011

i dont get out much...

I've been meaning to let you see these.. A dear friend of ours had a little birthday party a few weeks back.. she usually does a theme and this year it was "Hipster."  We got this as part of the invitation (to provide a little direction):

I couldnt possibly show up like that, so I did a little more digging and came up with this:

and this:

and then hubby and i got a sitter partied all night at Noni's looking like this:

now that's what you call special. dont judge us.. we dont get out much..

actually, I partied all night while hubby parked it at a booth in the back. he held my purse and my water:-)
my MeMa gave me these sunglasses. I did not take them off all night.. 
 i REALLY think I'm jammin' when I put my hands in the air and poke my lips out..

I totally crashed their picture:-)

birthday girl to your far left! woo hoo!!



Claire Kiefer said...

Themed parties are so fun! Glad "hipster" is becoming the stuff of theme parties, now . . . shows that the style is on its way out? I hope?

MrsADS said...

Lol! Hilarious!


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