Jun 15, 2011

i scream.. you scream:)

So the other morning we (munchkin and I) decided to invite some of the munchkins pals (and mine) over for an impromptu ice cream social. the goal was to break in my new Cuisinart Yogurt/Sorbet maker given to us as a gift by our dear friend Miss Lydia.. I probably should have opened the box and read the directions before heading out that morning for errands and such because as it turns out, I needed to freeze the bowl for 6 - 24 hours before making ice cream.  i only realized this about an hour before my guests were to arrive... thankfully i had a carton of Bryers in the freezer...

we even got a visit for little miss catherine (the lovely lady in the adorable tea collection romper:-)

gum drops, gummy bears, oreo's, m&m's, oh and fresh strawberries and blue berries.. you can guess which toppings got left for the mommies..

i love a good excuse to break out my table cloths:) this is the last of the gardenias from the bushes outside my house..

can you say YUM!

balloon fight!! they had a blast, and the mommies were able to catch up for a bit.. this is such a fun age for the kiddies. they are having conversations with each other and actually playing together instead of just next to each other or in the same vicinity.  we met these folks at Mommy and Me when they were barely 6 months old and have been pals ever since.

i cant believe i made this little person. and how SMART and FUNNY she is..
i'm not just saying that.. no she really is a genius:-)


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