Jun 9, 2011

Green Thumb Thursday

So back in April My folks came to visit for a bit, and since my dad has such a lush and delicious garden in his back yard, I thought it would be a good time for him to aide me in my efforts to culminate my own little green thumb.

it is my goal in life to be a chocolatey martha stewart (yep i said it!)and grow something that i can eat. right now, i'm just bootleg martha stewart. dont judge me. i'm working on it.

at any rate, i thought a good test would be to start with work on a container garden full of all of the things i would need to make a batch of bunnie's yummy home made salsa! tomates, onions, jalapeno's, bell pepper, some herbs and such... easy breezy right? umm... no.

so i took this pic was taken about a week after planting.

and a month and a half later. they have not grown one inch.. i mean they are still very much green and alive... thats about it.

this is my little munchkin helping to make markers for the different plants. she is such a good little helper:)
But I digress...

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do what any driven and determined confident woman would do. I cheated (so to speak). I went out and bought some saplings and decided to try again. I know its a little late for planting season. But I'm on a mission.

I even threw in some fruits this time (since I was on a roll, with my bad self:-).  

 I'm also, i'm using a little plant booster of sorts (still cheating)..

i'd like to have a little nook like this with a little table, and chair and a pitcher of sangria:)

so I'll keep you posted on my progress....

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