Jun 5, 2011

My Thighs are Rubbing Together Again:-(

Yes I said it. And I'm very dissappointed in myself. Last year this time, I was just fitting into those jeans you put up on that high shelf hoping and praying you'll fit into them again someday. And here I am again.. putting them right back on that shelf. I tell you who's the culprit. This toddler of mine.. First it was Halloween, and then Christmas Cookies, and Valentines Day treats... all down hill after that. So this sad turn of events has caused me to feel the need to declutter my closet (i.e. get rid of all of my ugly clothes and ones I cant squeeze into any more).

so i hear you should get rid of anything you havent worn in the last two years. done.

so with that.. my closet is now a sad, discombulated (is that a real word) sight. I cant believe I'm showing this. I'm hoping this will force me to do something about it...

which leads me to this post.

Operation: Spruce Up and Organize Closet

Now the above snapshot is mid rampage, so it doesnt usually look like the tazmanian devil gets dressed here. no, really, i mean it.

but it is normally this bland and boring and i'd like to change that. working with the teeny tiniest budget i can put together (that was for you hubs:-)

so now i'm off to find inspiration, and this is what i've come up with so far.

what about someting like this? this is almost the amount of space i'm working with right?

cute right? but is where are the rest of her clothes? maybe she cant fit into anything either?

ahh. love this elfa storage solution from container store! i could totally work this out!

not quite my style, but thought these were very interesting storage from design withing reach.

Love these old suit cases for storing out of season sweaters, scarves and such..

I REALLY like the idea of this wall papered closet. The pop of color and design really gives it some character and polish.

 Okay, so thats what i've come up with so far.. any help would be greatly appreciated:-)


MrsADS said...

I have a ton of "dream closets" saved lol. I'm going to email you.

bunnie hilliard said...

did you send me your dream closets:-)


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