Jul 20, 2011

i love it when this happens!

totally random and off topic.

I've been a little off kilter all of this week. i was at a birthday party for one of the little munchkin's pals this past weekend... long story short, i went in the house quickly to throw something in the trash and when i came out she wasnt standing where i left her. being the helicopter mom that I am, i immediately scanned the back yard to keep an eye on  her.. and i didnt see her. so i quickly went inside and started looking from room to room in the house and asking if anyone had seen her.. each time i peeked into a room i expected to see her and didnt.
i got a really awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.. and then there she was standing at the front door with the other kids waiting for ice cream.. i didnt feel relief. i just picked her up and burst into tears.. i had never felt like that before, and i never want to feel that way again. the entire episode, probably lasted a total of a minute and thirty seconds.. it was the worst minute and thirty seconds of my life...

i guess that was long story long... my bad.

it didnt help that i had just watched the Jayce Lee Dugard special with Diane Sawyer...

at any rate, i've been having crazy dreams all week, it helps to get that off my chest.

As you know i've been trying with mediocre success to cultivate a little container garden. Not sure if I've mentioned that the yard is hubbys little manicured project, so he has so far refused to build me a raised garden bed, and instead assigned me a small space on a little deck on the side of the house...

just wanted to do a little post on my progress which i'm very excited about!

here is a before shot from around June 9.

and now I have these (little watermelon)!!

and these tiny tomatoes!!

some swiss chard and spinach


some  bell peppers peeking through!!

and herbs galore!! They just sprung up after a good rain last week. I almost peed my pants!!

so again, my goal is to grow everything i'll need to make my own salsa by the end of the summer.. plus i threw in a few other fruits and veggies for good measure just to  get my feet wet.

with a little help from this guy, and my neighbor ginger, the munchkin and I harvested some basil (yes, she is wearing a ball gown.. all southern belles do their gardening in formal wear:) ...


and made my first ever batch of fresh pesto (with the help of ms. ina garten) !

I tossed in a little angel hair pasta and chicken and had a LOVELY meal!

i LOVE it when that happens!!!


MrsADS said...


Mojo said...

Congrats! It is a fun and rewarding experience is it not?

bunnie said...

yay!! thanks! it sure is!!

lydia said...

Jealous of your life! I had a similar scare in Target with the nephew. Worst feeling in the world.

Dana said...

Garden looks great.


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