Oct 19, 2011

Hoping you are having a great fall!

I like to start my blog posts as if we're already in the middle of a conversation. I pretend that we are the oldest and dearest friends - as opposed to what we actually are - people who dont know each others names (well some of you anyway:)...

I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons as much as I am. I LOVE FALL! the crisp air, the changes all around us.. even though its not the beginning of a new year.. for some reason it feels like a time for beginnings to me? with that in mind, i wanted to write you about a few of the changes around here in bunnieville..

munchkin turned three! and is very excited about preschool and ballet! and i'm super excited about becoming a crazy stagemom!! a roll i was born to fill:) i've already looked into a leotard in my size (just in case they need me to step in)...

i'm moving forward on a little event planning venture (check it: www.baileyblue.com)! wish me luck!

and hubby is hard at work finishing up his graduate degree at Notre Dame. Go Irish! Did I mention I hate football season? I know blaspheme right?

At any rate, more to come.. Hope you are having a great fall!

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