Nov 1, 2011

trick or treat pix are up!

Its been a fun pumpkin season so far.. we usually start things off by watching this a gazillion times.

which this year, proved to provide a brilliant bargaining tool as I threatened to make sure the munchkin got a bag of rocks this year, if she didn't behave herself (is that wrong?).. at any rate, it worked like a charm:)

So just  wanted to post some photos of the infamous spider girl:) Here she is with her bestie and the muse for her inspiration for this years costume.  Its amazing the difference a year makes.. they had no qualms about ringing door bells and asking for "tricks or treats" or as the munchkin calls it trickery treating!

of course to glam things up a bit, i had to put together a little spider girl headband for the occassion. 

and since I'm in the spirit of posting pix that i'm excited about.. the love bug pix are out!! so i've been dying to get the folks over at our labor of love to do a little shoot with my munchkin and her lovie "CoCo."
If you've ever met the munchkin, you have no doubt met her best home girl CoCo whom she has had since she was in my womb thanks to our dear friends The Coles and our favorite little people shop The Seed Factory.

i snagged a couple of shots from their site, but see the full blog post here.


Now its on to figuring out what the heck I'm going to make for the bake sale on Saturday and planning for Thanksgiving.. It looks like the ball is in my court this year.


Claire Kiefer said...

She's SO DARLING and I love that she's dressed up as a superhero and not something princessy. CUTE. And Lesley sent me the Our Labour of Love pics--so adorable! xoxoxoxo

bunnie said...

Thanks Claire!! She's definitely a girl who has her own ideas about what SHE wants:)

MrsADS said...

Lol she's adorable!

Love the wreath, too, btw :).


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