Jan 28, 2013

BunnieStyle - Lust List Jan 2013

If you are like me a tinge of excitement creeps up as you pull your favorite (JCrew, West Elm, Bloomingdales, Martha Stewart, Real Simple) catalogs and magazines from the mail with the anticipation of stealing away for a while at some point on the weekend with a cup of wine tea for a few moments - perusing and day dreaming of what you would wear and create (if only that tree in your back yard would stop shedding leaves instead of real money like its supposed to).

This month I've been scouring the web looking for a few things including a smart and attractive wall rack to hang our winter things, and a used upright practice piano for the munchkin. I have the perfect spot all picked out. Also, I spotted a couple REALLY cute hand bags on the shoulders of some friends which got me to scheming thinking of one of my very own.

Hence my LUST LIST. The place where I combine all the things I have been drooling over (and considering purchasing) during the month.

What were you lusting after this month? I said WHAT, not WHO:-)




Claire Kiefer said...

I am lusting after pretty much every item of clothing from Johnny Was. And some lululemon leggings since my cheap ones always get holes in them!

bunnie hilliard said...

Checking out Johnny Was! Just started yoga and I've heard Lulu Lemon is best!

Dara Shultz said...

Hi! Found you through Casey Leigh's blog link-up and so happy to be here! I'll definitely be back! :) Also, Charlotte York Goldenblatt is my hero.

bunnie hilliard said...

Hi Dara! Thanks SO much for coming over. I think we may be bloggy soul mates. I agree. Leggings are not pants:-) I only started wearing them with my second pregnancy and havent looked back since. Thin or Juicy (like me) - They work only if you keep your bum covered:-)

Be Inspired said...

Loving your list!! I want it all!!:)

Mimi said...

Seeing that I am a Tory Burch stan I want those sunglasses. I have some that are similar but I like these better!


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