Jan 26, 2013

Family Table Journal - Making Memories

I got the idea to put this family  journal on our dinner table from my one of our favorite restaurants in the city. They have a little notebook on each table where patrons can doodle or write notes to the owner, or leave a special message for the next table occupants/family/couple. I vowed to do the same in my home. With the little one's we do a lot of coloring. An excellent idea. To doodle as we wait for dinner, for our dinner guests, and out of towners. These munchkins are growing up so fast (currently submitting apps for kindergarten. I'm almost in tears). Just another place to make and keep memories. That's usually my M.O. 

I just took some scrap fabric and covered a drawing pad I picked up from target for a buck our so.

Trimmed off the excess and placed pretty paper on the inside to cover the frayed edges.

  Super quick and easy. I did it while little h. was napping. Oh and the rules are. The colored pencils and journal must stay on the table. No tearing sheets out. Sign and date.

Its my fave.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

xx, Bunnie

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