Feb 1, 2013

Girl Crush - Michelle Obama

Let me just say, I got bangs first:-) That aside. She looks amazing and Supa Sexy! Her smile, attitude, and  hair and wardrobe  poise, just make you want to do and be better. A better mom, a better wife and friend. If she can do it so can I, right?

This week has been a bit crazy. The week kindergarten applications are due. And I will admit, I went a little off the deep end. Just a little. What are my little angels strengths, and weaknesses?! Educational priorities?What school will be the right fit for her amazing abilities learning style? For our family? I will admit, times have changed. With the recent Connecticut tragedy and a host of other issues and concerns its a little deeper than just sending her to the school around the corner. And to top it all off. MY LITTLE GIRL IS GOING TO KINDERGARTEN??!! Which brings its own set of emotions.

Additionally, I've been struggling with managing it all. The house, these little people, and fitting in making some real money my passions and pursuits. How does one DO IT ALL?! No really, I'm searching and on the verge of daily anxiety attacks trying to come up with an answer that is guilt free and where WE ALL win. I get to be with my children (and husband) as much as I/They want and need, without taking anything away from them (or me?). I get to be successful and achieve at something I'm passionate about. And I have time to be healthy, get fit, and work on my mind, body and soul (i know cliche).

So today. I'm trying something new. When I'm feeling torn, or discouraged, or stressed I will ask myself.


Its worth a try right? Maybe she'll send me an answer. In the mean time. I'll let you know how it goes.

The first thing she did was move her mom into her (The White House) house. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. But I sure could use the help. And her yummy oatmeal.

Open to suggestions and advice.


P.S. Jesus please dont be mad at me. You are still my favorite.

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