Feb 13, 2013

Just a Mom? + A Valentine Play Date

I must admit I have been pretty mad at this person for blogging like everyday (and with a newborn no less) I mean how in the hell?! This person literally just screamed at me for 2.5 hours straight . All the while I was trying so hard to remember to be grateful and start the day with LOVE!!! 

Not happening. 

I even read a few more chapters of The Secret last night before bed, determined to have an amazing and productive day. Instead, Mostly this morning, I cried in the closet and wondered if it was too early to start spanking my almost 10 month old (it is and I did not). But truly, it would help if I had just one predictable hour during the day. 

Dear God, Dear Michelle Obama, Dear Oprah, Dear Lesley - Please help me. My worst fear in life now is being "Just a Mom." Although I left my MBA having, well paying corporate gig to do just that. Its just that everyday I feel that urge, the tugging, the whisper to do and be more. For myself, my family. To be successful. By who's standard Is what I'm still working out.

Okay so back to Lesley. Whom I think is an awesome amazing person. I LOVE, LOVE her blog and she is actually the one who inspired me way back when (the munchkin was born) to blog about my little family. So obviously I want to be just like this chic (and this one, oh and this one) when I grow up. And I will.

I wrote this entire post while baby boy was strapped to my chest in the Ergo (maybe that's the ticket?). And now that its 8:27 am and he has finally fallen asleep. I think I'll start over with a (quick) cup of tea (A Chai Latte is my favorite). Somehow I managed to get dressed, make breakfast and lunch and get munchkin ready for school (yes, patting myself in the back) in between crying fits (mine not his). So it seems today's post over on Lesley's blog was right on time:-)


So in an effort to rejigger todays frequency and focus on the things that I am grateful (to God) for. I wanted to post these lovely pics from this play date turned sweet little Valentines Day celebration.

As a party planner I usually have plenty in my arsenal to throw an impromptu soiree.  We had cupcakes and decorated tea mugs and also made sweet little felt barrettes with a hair clip and my trusty hot glue gun.  Munchkin also made valentine friendship bracelets for her pals.

How will you be celebrating V Day?


P.S. Many, Many thanks to one of my favorite people for taking that little rascal off my hands for a bit this morning. You SAVED MY LIFE (and his).


Lesley said...

ahhh i left you the longest comment the other day and it's not showing up.

you're an amazing mama. just look at that party that you threw?! i can't believe you put me in such incredible company. i mean you made my day and then some. we are in a season. a season that is both beautiful and extremely challenging. you are doing the very best you can and we'll get better at balancing each day. it really will get easier (saying this to myself as well). i mean, just look at andie and matilda now! they're little ladies. i'm proud of you. keep doing what you're doing mama!

bunnie hilliard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bunnie hilliard said...

lesley!! i think my comment must have fallen off this page into the abyss?! you are still such an inspiration. keep being AWESOME.


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