Mar 28, 2013

Battle of the {Baby} Bulge - Chocolate Peanuts

 good smile. bad angle. 

much better angle. a dash of color for spring. 
its still a little cool down here although today was nice and sunny...

Checking in.

I have a confession. I've been hiding. I'm hungry and I'm cheating and its not working.  In my little journey to not be the chubby mom on the beach (or at the pool) this summer, I think I got a little ahead of myself with my little 5 pounds from a few weeks ago. Its been a struggle just to maintain. I gained a pound and a half. then loss two. Then gained a half pound. ARRGGH!! Madness. 

We try to do a date night at least every other week. And H decided we should go back to Float Away Cafe. Where he proceeded to order some cheese cake, orange gelato, raspberry gorgeousness. And I ate it like someone was going to take it away if I even stopped to chew.... Gah!! It was all down hill after that.

So yes, I walked into the bathroom in the Barnes and Nobles yesterday and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror from behind and almost passed out. Whose back side was this?! My jeans were falling down... Not because they were too big, but because I couldnt pull them all the way up:-(

Extreme situations cause for extreme measures (Well not THAT extreme.). 

I joined Weight Watchers!! I saw a mom on the playground yesterday whose son is a couple of months younger than little h. And I asked her why her legs were looking so slim these days.. 

Weight Watchers. 

I mean really, If Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson can do it!!  

So this  week went something like this:

Breakfast turkey sausage or a cup of Cascadian Farms Hearty Morning Fiber Cereal with half water/half whole milk. Or a couple of spoonfuls of the munchkins oatmeal

Lunch: smoothies or a salad or turkey burger without the bun or cereal.
Dinner: Chicken, baked sweet potato.

I made it all up..

My cheats: Too many to name. Lets just say, I have chocolate peanuts in the fridge and they call out to me in the middle of the night...

And the Results:
Height: 5' 2 3/4" (yes I said and three fourths!!)
Weight Last Weigh In: 138 - holding on for dear life!
Current Weight: 138
New BMI: 24.4
Pounds Lost: ZILCH

I'm going o have to sprinkle in some cardio to combat my cheats (or stop cheating!!) In my defense i wasnt feeling well last week  so cut me some slack I needed a little comforting..

Back at it! Wish me luck!


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