Mar 27, 2013

Girl Crush - Nikki Newman

40 years and counting (The Young and the Restless not Melody Scott Thomas)! This chica started on The Young and the Restless at 23 and has aged quite gracefully over the years.

My idol - pretty much the quintessential ideal of what you should expect (and demand) as a "grown lady." Yeah! I said it!!

A satin bath robe in the perfect shade of teal. How to run for Senate and take over a multibillion dollar corporation. What to demand in your divorce settlement (just in case). And how to marry your (lying, cheating, womanizing) soulmate over and over again in the most elaborate and intimate settings.  Forget Blue Ridge (Georgia), I'm building my 2nd house in the mountains of Genoa City.

Why I love her so:

The Hair - mesmerizing right?

The Ranch - they just re-did the whole thing (after her ex- daughter-in-law burned it to the ground in an bipolar and drunken rage). Very metropolitan - the house and the scenario.

Victor Newman - need I say more. All brown ladies love Victor Newman. Even in his old distinguished age. Ask fellow Super Fan Sheryl Underwood:-)

Her Seedy Past - nothing like a great rags to riches, Pretty Woman story to make you believe anything is possible. On another note she was no Claremont stripper. The costumes were very Vegas Show Girl. That's (somewhat) respectable, right ?

She's an Equestrian - All well-bred women are right?  She got a late start (with her previous stage life), so there is hope for us all.  In my next life. I promise. A champion horse rider, with stables on my 100 acre property. Can I fit all that on my vision board?

At any rate, here's to the next fabulous 40 Nikki!!

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