Apr 1, 2013

Our Easter Traditions

I have a confession to make. We dont generally go to church on Easter (GASP!!).  Its the crowds.. The parking lot disaster... It drives my anxiety levels a bit too high..  I really hope the Lord Jesus doesnt mind. We make sure to go the Sunday before and after. That counts for something right? 

Instead we stay home and celebrate the good old fashioned pagan way.  With new dresses and eggs, and dye, and snacks, and baskets, and candy:-) The night before started like this:

Munchkin: Does the Easter Bunny drive a car?
H: I'm not sure. Why?
Munchkin: I think I just heard his car outside.. I better go get in the bed.

H: Yes.

We just went with it. Whatever works:-) We got up early to dye the eggs and leave them out for the bunny to hide them (a bit too far??).. 

It was a beautiful day even with the rain. In the morning H made pancakes and we talked about the Joy of the Lord. Munchkin made sure we discussed how "happy" Jesus was to get up on that "T"... A bit young for the real story so we just went with it as best we could... We had a few friends over (including the Easter Bunny herself), for treats and libations and were thankful. Thankful for family, and friends and for His Ultimate Sacrifice.

Did you spend time with family or friends this Easter? Are there any special traditions you have?


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