Mar 25, 2013

little h and the big chop

so serious!! both of you!!
I cant believe you turn 1 in the next couple of weeks. The most handsome little George Jefferson I've ever seen. You know, the bald patch around the circumference. However, mommy (mostly daddy) thought it was time to move on from that look. H. said he didnt cry or even make a peep (I could not bear to watch). I know there are some old wives tales associated with cutting the boys hair before his first birthday...I refuse to look it up for fear of worrying and fretting over its validity for the next 18 years. I keep rubbing and kissing his (not so) little head.. And even missing the haphazard fuzz. (I made your dad gather up every puff and put it in an envelope (don't judge me). I know it will grow back. But before it does I was thinking.. there are a few things I want you to know...

again with the seriousness?!

No one will ever love you (or kiss you, or take care of you, or your mom. (I know, a bit obsessive.. I plan to work that out in therapy before its too late)..

I need you to eat more than yogurt and pasta. Do not follow in your sisters footsteps with that picky eating madness. I refuse to make three different meals every night.

If you love me at all. Please try and stay asleep until the sun comes up. I will be a much nicer mommy if we are all well rested. Your body and brain needs the rest for you to grow into a strong and smart little man.

Be gentle. There is a time and a place for roughness. It does not include head butting me and throwing my glasses on the floor. Or ripping off Penelope's head band.

I expect a lot from you. How can I not after Barack Obama? You can do and be anything in this world. Starting with these My Baby Can Read flash cards..

Still pretty handsome. I made him wear a hat or hoodie for the rest of the day, so he still looked like my little chipmunk. Its growing on me.

What do you think about the new look?


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