Mar 18, 2013

Real {Moms} Women - Making Their Mark - Wande Durojaiye

Cant believe we are half way through March already. I'm really looking forward to Spring!! And trading in my chunky scarfs and boots for something a little more flowy and ladylike. Speaking of which, in continuing to honor the ladies during Women's History/Awareness Month, I'm pleased to share an inside and personal peek at another amazing woman who encourages and inspires me (and many others I'm sure).

Wande Durojaiye
International Mom of a very dashing little boy and charming little lady and Owner of Ladyee {Online} Boutique - Sophisticated, Feminine, and Chic Frocks and Accessories.

What were you doing career wise when you decided to create your own business?
I was a senior land acquisition analyst in the corporate sector.

What’s a typical day in the life?
I start my day pretty early with prayer and a little time to myself. Monday through Friday, I shuttle my children to and from school and reserve most of the morning and early afternoon for Ladyee Boutique. Most afternoons are spent with my children and I get back to work as soon as I put them to bed. The weekends are a lot more laid back and I try to get in as much family time as possible but I do manage to get a lot of work in nonetheless. Overall, one day is typically not the exact same as the next but my general pattern remains the same.

Whats your advice on balancing being a mom and a business owner.
I find that the better a mom I am, the more organized and effortless running Ladyee Boutique seems. Being a good mom requires a good amount of diligence, dedication, organization and thinking outside the box and incidentally those are key characteristics needed to run a business. It’s a delicate balance but one that I make work for me as I always keep at the back of my mind the flexibility owning a business affords me with my children. They have me when they need me albeit amongst dresses and hangers.

What was your biggest obstacle?
My biggest obstacle so far has been marketing. In the great big sea of boutiques online, it can be a little tough finding some of the smaller ones.

How did you maintain your confidence when doors where closed in your face or things seemed like it might not happen?
I have a very clear picture of what I want to achieve and I focus on that. I have also learned to tell the difference between constructive criticism and the not “so” constructive.

Where do you work from?
I work out of my home office.

How have you been using Social Media to grow your business?
I took social media for granted for a while but I now work on it daily and I am finally getting a hang of it. Consistency and relatable content is key, I also love that I am able to share some of the other things I adore on sites like Pinterest and more recently Instagram. 

Do you have any role models that inspire you in your business? What about them inspires you?
I have a verse array of role models but here are the fashion ones:
Tracy Reese, Diane Von Furstenberg and Rebecca Minkoff
Tracy Reese- She consistently creates amazingly beautiful and feminine clothing. I love that she’s stayed true to her style and feminine aesthetic over the years.
Diane Von Furstenberg-  She has amazing staying power despite being through her fair share of adversity, she’s also very wise, you do not have to own a DVF dress to be inspired by her. In addition, her designs are timeless, they work for a wide variety of women from 20 - 99.
Rebecca Minkoff- She and her brother built what is now a multimillion dollar company with no outside funding. She’s been on my radar since the early 2000s and I am amazed at her success. She also uses social media amazingly well.

What’s your best fashion advice?
Actually I have two.
Stay true to your curves, just because it’s a trend or looks great on the next girl does not mean it’ll work for you. The look that works for you is the one that accentuates your best features. Love what looks the best on you.
A little color goes a long way.

What is your guilty pleasure:-)
Much as I appreciate and fully believe in the importance of flattering clothing.
I am also huge on beauty from the inside out and for me this entails maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating mostly things that are nourishing and maintaining a clear complexion. I am a lover of fruit, herbal teas and facial/skin treatments. Let's just say, I make time for beauty blogs and skin care counters.

My favorite thing about Wande is that she is super genuine and generous. She DOES IT ALL and makes it look super easy - and will assure you that you can do it too.

Stay tuned for new Spring frocks and Lovely Ladyee(ness) being added as we speak. 

You can follow her here:

As Wande would say:

Stay Fab!

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