Apr 12, 2013

Bunnie Style {The Perfect Little Dress}

So yes. You must have this dress. I dont usually give into fads (i.e. the peplum dress).. but this little number is making me quite happy. Perfect for church (i wore it with my two strand pearls), the office (with a blazer) or brunch (try a chunky pastel necklace for spring) with the girls. It is super cute and it fits in all the right places (with my spanks - not included)... and even hides the little extra "junk" I've got going on in the back (I like "some" junk, but the "extra" has me concerned). 

I scooped it up at the Target  (Yep, I said it!) while picking up some last minute items for our recent spring break trip to wear to church with my mom in Florida. 

Sophisticated, clean, perfect. Definitely my style. H said I looked pretty sexy (which is not generally the look I'm going for at the church house - but all compliments are welcome:-)

What do you think of this dress and how would you style it?



Anonymous said...
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MrsADS said...

I like this!


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