Apr 10, 2013

Spring Break Hiatus

Wrapping up Spring Break with the munchkins. Hence why I've been missing in action. I wish I had a few blogging friends to volunteer to do guest posts (hint, hint) on such occasions. I promise to return the favor:-) I could do a lovely recipe or DIY jewelry post??! I'm just saying....

In the interim... Can't wait to share how much fun we've had. Lets just say it involved family, old friends, sun, sand, and the happiest place on earth. Also currently multi tasking as I've officially enrolled the munchkin in kindergarten (sniff) and am gearing up to celebrate this sweet boys 1st birthday (double sniff). Invites have been mailed from an undisclosed location.

In the mean time a little sneak peek of one of our stops!

Getting back into my blogging groove. Details and mass amounts of pics to follow.

Did you do anything fun on your Spring Break?


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