Apr 4, 2013

Spring Break {Packing List} with the Kiddos


I think the college kids have had thier spring break already (I hope). Ours is just around the bend. Havent decided what we are doing completely, but in the interim, I put together a little list just to make sure we dont forget anything.

Going to the Beach, Theme Park or to visit the Grand Parents this is the list I'll be using. 

Did I forget anything?
Note: This is just for the munchkins. I will need another whole list for me and H?! Where in the ham sandwich are we going to fit all of this stuff.


P.S. I  keep adding one more thing and then updating. I'll stop now:-/
P.S.S. Peeking from behind is a sneak peek at little h's birthday party invite. putting the finishing touches on things as we speak. Cant believe that little bugger is turning one!

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