May 8, 2013

girl crush + a little {stalking} story

YOWSA, right?! this lady is really doing her thing right now. i'm an admitted SCANDALITE and look forward to watching her (olivia pope) HANDLE BUSINESS every Thursday night. But more importantly. How many lunges will I have to do to make my thighs look like this?  I'm well on my way (lost another two pounds this week!!)!! I will be using this photo as inspiration (hair, lipstick, and I've been practicing this red lipped pout in the mirror).

side note: i've been feeling a little torn between enjoying her steamy scenes with fitz and rolling my eyes at the blatant disrespect for matrimony...

your thoughts?

p.s. i stalked a lady int the target today.  although my little h is quite the ladies man, and is a hit with all of his sisters (4 and 5 year old) friends, sadly he doesnt have many of his own. just his one main squeeze penelope:-) i spotted a little dude in the parking lot and put my face to the window of the car. he needs a home boy. we have a play date set up for next week! yay!

its not the first time i've pulled a move like that. scored a little family i dont know what i'd do with out. i'm kind of a little stalker in that way:-)



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